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Help Save Our Palace,Our Home

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Jun 282020

Our Poakalani Quilting Family has gathered every Saturday from 9:30 – 12:00pm for 18 years to teach, learn, and enjoy the art of Hawaiian Quilting in the Kanaina building on the grounds of the Iolani Palace.

The Iolani Palace has always been generous, kind and instrumental in helping us to continue our weekly classes. It’s not only been our home every Saturday but it’s also the home of all Hawaii’s people. It’s a historical site filled with culture and history. We are always thankful to the Iolani Palace for given us a home to teach this treasured textile art.

That said I have a humble request. I know and understand many businesses, families and friends have been hit hard by the Covid19 lock down and so has our home the Iolani Palace.

I know many of you are struggling as I am but I’m hoping some how you can dig deep and either make a donation to the Iolani Palace or make a reservation to visit the palace on either Friday or Saturday for a very nominal fee.

Today I made my donation to the palace and I hope that if any of you have visited our class, taken a class with us, or just love to quilt please help us keep the palace open. When making a donation please reference the Poakalani Quilting Class or you can make it in Memory of John Serrao.

Below is the link for the donation & membership. (The Blue Iolani Palace Word just click on it)

The Donation button for the palace can be found in the top right hand corner of the linked page. Also if you shop on Amazon as much as I do please follow the link on the membership page when making any purchases. A portion of your purchase will go to the Palace.

Mahalo for helping us to save the Palace and keeping Hawaiian Quilting strong. Enjoy just a few pictures of our quilters

I know everyone has missed our weekly classes and Tuffy and I miss all of you. We pray everyday that this virus will end so we can get back to our classes. Until Then Malama Pono(Take Care).

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Ahonui – Patience

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Jun 112020
Click on the Photo for your pattern

Yes it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve been having the most difficult time deciding which pattern to share with you. With the COVID19 crisis and now the tragic death of a man at the hands of a rogue police officer the world in which I was raised in is unrecognizable.

I don’t have any words of wisdom with everything that is going on right now but during the next few month I believe all of us needs to be patient with one another. Let’s all just be kind and respectful to each another.

Today’s pattern I’m sharing is actually one of my favorites. It’s from John’s original 30 cushion patterns he designed back in 1972 called the Ahonui, which in English means Patience. How appropriate is the pattern during these difficult times. Poakalani always said if you can applique this design you can applique any Hawaiian Quilt Pattern. Everyone please be safe.

‘Ōlelo No’eau
I ka ‘ōlelo no ke ola, I ka, ‘ōlelo no ka make
Life is in speech, Death is in speech
Words can heal, Words can destroy

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Under The Rose Bush

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May 172020
Lokelani – Roses flourish in Hawaii’s climate. Year round the colorful rose blossoms graces the yards of many Hawaiian homes. Click on the design for your pattern. Enjoy.

I love roses not just for their beautiful blossoms and fragrant scent but for the memory that comes to mind of my mom Poakalani and the Rose Bush story she often told us.

Poakalani was raised by her grandmother Caroline Correa, a master quilter during her time, and she would often tell us many stories of what she called her “hanna buttah” (childhood) days. One story she often told us was that she never learned how to crawl. She went from being carried everywhere by her family to walking because of being born with only one hand. But the one story that my mom often told and will forever live in my memory of when she asked her Grandmother where she came from and her grandmother told her they found her under the Rose bush in the front yard. Many a babies where found under that Rose bush in the front yard.

This pattern was designed by John inspired by that rose bush story. Mom and Dad I miss you and dad Happy heavenly birthday (May 14th).

Poakalani & John Serrao

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Friendship Fruit

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May 082020
Hala Kahiki known worldwide as a symbol of friendship. Click on the photo for your pattern.

We have available a large selection of cushion patterns in our quilting classes and we try to encourage our students to choose patterns that symbolizes the culture and history of Hawaii. We’ll go through many designs such as the Ulu(Breadfruit), Ti Leaf, Kukui Nut, Mokihana, Ginger, Monsterra and even Sea Life designs but many of the quilters tend to choose the Pineapple pattern. The pattern is not only easy to applique and quilt but it also symbolizes friendship, and the friendship of friends and family formed in our quilting classes is one of reasons the quilters return every week for classes.

I am blessed and I give thanks every day on how lucky I am to see my quilting family every Saturday at our quilting classes. We may all not be related by blood but we’re all related by our quilting spirit of aloha.

Our classes are gatherings of sharing and encouragement and sometimes a place to just get away. We always hope that when the classes end everyone goes home feeling better not only about their quilting ability but also themselves.

Thank you to all the Poakalani quilters who comes to class every week to share themselves and their quilts with others. It’s all of you who makes our classes special and unique. We miss all of you and hope to get back to the classes soon. Enjoy this weeks pattern.

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Scented Memories

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Apr 292020
The Plumeria comes in different shapes, sizes, and especially color but they all have one thing in common, that strong scent that imprints the islands beauty in your hearts and minds. Click on the photo for your pattern.

Certain colors, scents, flowers and even songs evokes memories of days gone by and for me the plumeria blossoms brings back memories of my hula days and my Grandma Serrao’s home on Kam IV Road.

Grandma’s property was home to an abundance of plumeria trees that was picked daily and taken to her lei shop- Harriet’s Lei stand at the airport to be strung into beautiful leis.

The plumeria lei was also the lei of choice when I danced hula during my High School summer breaks. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning dad would take me to Grandma’s house and I would pick and sew the plumeria flowers into beautiful leis and later in the afternoon danced the hula at the Ala Moana Center Stage. Those were wonderful and amazing days. Today Grandma’s house is no longer there but those memories lives on in my heart every time I see a plumeria lei.

Also, the plumeria was one of John’s favorite flowers he would design into beautiful Hawaiian quilt patterns because in his growing up days he was the one that picked all the plumeria blossoms to be delivered to the lei stand. Today, Harriet’s lei stand is still there but now owned and operated by my cousin Leimomi.

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Between Seasons

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Apr 192020
Every day is spring time in Hawaii and the Hibiscus flowers grows continuously throughout the year with their vibrant colors gracing our Hawaiian landscape. Click on the photo for your pattern.

Did you know that Hawaii has only two seasons. Unlike our mainland states who have the four seasons of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Hawaii has only two seasons, a wet season from November to March and a dry season from April to October.

These days I believe we’re all between two new seasons, before lock down and after lock down and while we’re locked in our homes nature has taken over… the flowers are still blooming through out the islands. …and like the Hawaiian flowers which blooms all year long we will soon bloom from our homes.

Until then I miss our quilting classes and all the quilters. I miss my co-workers. I miss being outside enjoying the sun and flowers, moon and evening stars.

My heart goes out to everyone especially the seniors and their cancelled graduations and proms, cancelled Festivals, sports and music events, missed vacations, special anniversaries and birthdays. The birth of new family members, marriages and especially special heartfelt send offs to our recently departed family,

…and while I’m missing everyone I firmly believe that this will all end soon, but we will not be the same I believe we will be stronger and wiser.

Prayers to all of you… my family and friends. Enjoy the Lock Down pattern.

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Reach For The Stars

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Apr 122020
The buds of the Silversword high atop the slopes of Haleakala Maui flourishes against extreme altitude and mountain conditions but its beauty shines along side the brightest stars in the sky. Click on the photo for this weeks pattern.

Sometimes finding the straight path toward your passion is never easy. Be strong and preserver your success is right around the corner. This is what Poakalani always believed. Born with only a right hand she learned to applique and quilt by watching her grandmother quilt during her quilting circles.

Her passion led her to teaching the art of Hawaiian Quilting because she believed if she could quilt with one hand how much more can a person do with two hands.

While Poakalani had difficulty making the larger quilts because of her handicap she always told her quilters I can’t make the larger quilts but I can teach you how and she did. It was by teaching she was able to share her passion to all the students that passed through her classes.

Poakalani Althea Ku Serrao was an amazing quilter, wife and mother. She never let her disability stop her. Like the buds of the Silversword she was a rare one among us and her legacy lives on in the the classes she started now being taught by her daughters Rae and Cissy.

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Let Your Light Shine

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Apr 042020
The Kukui Nut had many purposes in Hawaiian society but mostly used to light the dark Hawaiian evening nights. Click on the design for this weeks pattern: The Kukui Nut 22″ x 22″

John always spoke of everyone having an inner light and inner light that makes us shine as good parents, amazing co-workers, dependable siblings, and even Hawaiian quilters. How is your light shining during this difficult time.

A few ways we can make our light and everyone’s light shine:
Go out only when you really need to and practice Social Distancing
Call a friend who lives alone and have a joyful conversation
Clean your windows… that’ll make your light shine(lol)
Write a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
When you see a First Responder….. Say Thank You
Quilt and Pray because God Really Listens
…. I bet you can think of many more ways

To All Hawaiian Quilters….

Are you quilting everyday? Is your light shining through your beautiful hand made quilts. Send me a photo at of your completed quilts or quilts in progress so we can share your light with other Hawaiian quilting enthusiasts. If your not quilting send a picture of what you’re doing with your time.

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Stay Home & Be Safe

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Mar 282020
The Ulu-Breadfruit Design 22″ x 22″. Over 20 years ago John designed a series of circular cushion patterns. It was series of designs that represented our spiritual center. Over the next few weeks I’d like to share these designs with you. Please click on the picture for your pattern.

It’s been two weeks since our last class and Tuffy and I are hoping everyone and their families are home safe and healthy. Yes, we would rather be at quilting classes but until the Covid-19 situation gets better classes are on hiatus. So today we leave you with this memory of our mom Poakalani who started the quilting classes. She was amazing and it was during times like this that her quilting became more meditative and prayerful. Every applique stitch and every quilting stitch became an affirmation or prayer to God for healing and hope.

So when you applique or quilt today today or at anytime… with every stitch you make in your mind send a prayer request to the heavens. Ask God or your spiritual guide to…

Heal the world and its people

Keep us safe and make us strong
Give us hope that this will end soon
Pray for those who are currently ill

Pray for those who are now home with you
Pray for those who are mourning the lost of their loved ones

Pray for our first responders and their families
Pray for our world leaders that they do what is right

….and the list goes one. Again lets be prayerful and meditative while we quilt during this time. Quilting is an amazing tool to center us and gather our thoughts.

Until next time everyone please stay home and be safe and for any reason if you need anything or help please call Tuffy or myself at (808) 524-0394

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Reminder: Class Cancelled

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Mar 212020

Just a Reminder class is cancelled until further notice. Everyone please have a care. We will miss the weekly classes but this will pass and we will return to our daily lives. We want everyone to be safe and healthy when we return. If any of you need anything please call or text me at 808-223-1108.

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Fun, Friendship and Ohh’s and Ahhh’s

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Mar 152020
Our Poakalani Quilting Family. March 7, 2020

It was an beautiful day even the sun decided to shine on us. For just a few hours we forgot about the worlds concerns and just enjoyed each others company and celebrated everyone’s accomplishment for the past year. Many of the quilts didn’t make it to Honolulu because of the cancellation of the Festival but hopefully next year and some of the quilts made it to the show but not the quilters, Ah Well! I’ve posted some of the quilts. The photo’s are not the best but remember it was a show and tell. Thank you to the quilters. All of you are awesome, pat yourself on the back for a your amazing quilts. It would have been one of our best quilt shows. If I missed your quilt it was not intentional. Some photo’s just didn’t come out clear. Love you All. Enjoy

Hana Yoko’s Hokulea tell the story of Hokulea’s voyage around the world. The Hokulea and it’s crew visited 150 ports and 18 nations 2013-2019.
Hiromi’s Lau’ae a scented leaf found throughout Hawaii. This is Hiromi’s first 45″ x 45″ quilt.
Anne Marie’s Tree Skirt. Yes I know some of the ladies are hiding behind their beautiful quilts. Ah! Well!
Amy’s Twin Size Bed Quilt. Bird of Paradise and Heleconia. This is Amy’s first large Quilt. So Beautiful.
Jeanie’ s 45″ x 45″ Monsterra Quilt. Jeanie’s on the Right and our amazing Rie is on the left. She helped to hold up all the quilts.
Another Quilt by Anne-Marie. The Monsterra a popular design in Hawaiian Quilting
Emiko’s 60″ x 90″ Kukui Nut Quilt.
Kiko’s Angels Trumpet. Wow!

Another Pat Masterpiece. Remember she also does commissioned quilts. so if you’re interested in a quilt made in Hawaii please contact her at

Yuki’s Quilts Made it to Hawaii but not Yuki. The Quilts are Beautiful. Anthurium and Orchid.
Tomoko(far right) and her Hawaiian Helmet Series. Only 1 more to go and the series will be complete. Hopefully all will be displayed next year. Rie on the left with Ralph at the center. My ladders 🙂 (Quilt holders)
Our amazing Peggy and her Na Koa quilt. Telling the story of Hawaii’s warriors. The colors and design makes this a really beautiful quilt.
Amy’s first Hawaiian quilt. The Rose.
Junko’is one of my Favorite quilters. Quiet, kind-hearted and an amazing quilter.
Another beautiful Quilt by Pat. Ginger and Lau’ae. Thanks to Ralph for being our quilt stand.
Gordon’s Ginger Quilter. I really wish you could see the stitches on this quilt. Expert stitching.
Kathy’s Ti Leaf. Thank you for sending this quilt and Hana’s Hokulea’s quilt for the show. Sorry you couldn’t make it here. See you in December.
Lynette’s Banana Quilt. Too Cute it makes me smile.
Naomi’s Cherry Blossoms. Loving the colors and enjoying the design.
Susan’s Ti Leaf Quilt. How beautiful is this!
Barbara’s Ti Leaf Quilt. Barbara has been with Poakalani for over 25 years. How fast the time goes by but she’s still making beautiful quilts.
Takako’s Petroglyph Quilts.
Judy’s Pinepple’s Loving the Fabric.
Pat’s Sea Grapes Designed and Quilted by Pat Gorelangton.
Kaori’s Rose quilt. Kaori has been with us since Queen Emma Summer Palace that’s almost 20 years ago. She’s amazing.
Judy’s Turtles. How cute is this.
Colleens quilt was going to be placed on one of our quilting stands. This quilt is called body and soul. The Kukui Nut representing the healing of the soul and the Ulu representing the healing of the body. I can’t wait to see it complete.
Yuko’s Quilts for her twin grandson and granddaughter. So beautiful and amazing. It’s probably being mailed to the twins right now.
What happens when you have knee surgery. You make cushion quilts. Beautiful Linda!
Mie’s Loulu Palm. Another quilt that was supposed to be placed on one of our quilting stands. When this quilt is complete it’s going to be a “WOW” Quilt.
Lynette’s Chrysanthemum Quilt. Amazing design, Amazing color, Amazing Lynette.
What to do with scrap fabric? Make smaller samplers squares. Awesome Pat.
Susan’s King Size Monsterra. It has matching pillow shams but we couldn’t get all of it in the picture. Isn’t this an amazing quilt.
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Show And Tell Saturday

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Feb 092020

…and what a class we had. The ladies showing their completed quilts for our Honolulu Festival Exhibit…. It’s going to be great March 7 & 8 at the Honolulu Convention Center.

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Another Quilt

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Jan 262020

For the Honolulu Festival. March 7-8. The Monsterra quilted by Toshie. It’s going to be an amazing exhibit.

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Happy New Year

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Jan 202020

I took a little R & R from my website at the end of last year(but I’m still available on Facebook) but I’m back with some exciting updates. The classes are still busy while we prepare for our quilt exhibit at the Honolulu Festival. Many new quilts will be exhibited that was just made in this past year.

Many volunteers help make the yearly Honolulu Festival a success

The Honolulu Festival will be held on March 7 & 8. Our Poakalani Quilting Ohana will be celebrating the 200th year anniversary when the first sewing circle met on the Brig Thaddeus in 1820. We’ll of course be holding our quilting class throughout the festival. We’ll also have some vintage quilt patterns for you to trace. Just bring your own tracing paper and pen. You can also come by and watch our ladies applique and quilt.

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No Class November 16

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Nov 142019

…but please enjoy a few photo’s from the Yokohama Hawaiian Quilt Exhibit. See everyone back at class on Nov. 23

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Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes Canceled Until Further Notice

January 20, 2020
For the safety and health of our quilting family the Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes have been canceled until further notice.  It was an easy decision for both of us because we want all of you healthy when we return when all of this is over.  If any of you need anything and I mean anything please give us a call 223-1108.  In the meantime please also stay safe, wash your hands, don't touch your face and pray this will be over soon.  All of you are in our daily prayers.      Tuffy & Cissy