Pat’s Secret Quilt – Amazing

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Oct 032015

Designed and Quilted by Pat,
Another masterpiece using the Hawaiian Method of Reverse Applique. A secret because today is the first day we saw it. I’m loving this.



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Leilani’s Garden is Blooming

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Sep 292015


After several weeks of delay Kay was finally able to layout her full size quilt.  Designed in honor of her mom Leilani. So do you like it plain or with the flowers blooming in their vibrant colors?

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岩手県 Iwate Prefecture – Paulownia

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Aug 292015

iwate pauloI’m having such a great time working on John’s  designs and reading about each prefecture.   Did you know that the Paulownia the flower for Iwate is native to North America.  This design is for our friends in the Iwate Prefecture.600px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_03_Iwate_prefecture.svg800px-PaulowniaFortunei

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長野県Nagano Prefecture – Gentian

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Aug 292015

naganogentianfullI finally completed all the graphics for the flowers of the 47 Japan Prefectures.  My eyes are crossed but the designs came out beautiful.  What a talent John has.  The Gentian the flower for all our friends in the Nagano Pref250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_20_Nagano_prefecture.svgecture.   450px-Willow_gentian

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埼玉県Saitama Prefecture – Primrose

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Aug 282015

Saitma Prefecture – Primrose

To Kumu Susie who lives in Saitama  and the residence of Saitama…The Primrose,  your  prefecture flower and  Did you know that the Primrose is edible.250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_11_Saitama_prefecture.svg


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佐賀県 Saga Prefecture – Camphor Flower

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Aug 252015

The camsagacamphorfullphor tree grows big and strong but the flowers are dainty and small. For our friends in the Saga Prefecture.  Like the Camphor tree this quilt symbolizes long life, strength and like the tiny flowers unexpected happy surprises. camphorflower250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_41_Saga_prefecture.svg

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高知県 Kochi Prefecture – Yamamomo

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Aug 242015

Kochi Prefecture – Yamamomo

Some people call it the Mountain Peach but it’s known more for its fruit than it’s petal-less flower.  For our friends in Kochi Prefecture here is your Hawaiian Quilt Design for your Yamamomo.





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熊本県 – Kumamoto Prefecture- Gentian

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Aug 232015

Kumamoto – Gentian

I guess I should be happy that we got the humidity and not the hurricane.  Now we all can sleep comfortably knowing that Hawaii has dodged another storm.  To all our quilters from the Kumamoto prefecture your designated flower the Gentian.  A beautiful flower that makes a very beautiful Hawaiian quilt design.  45″ x 45″

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Sneak Peek – Yokohama 2015

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Aug 222015

11911568_886707611415342_185061061_nThank you Kumu Yuko for letting us have a sneak peek of your quilt to be displayed in the Yokohama 2015 Na Kupulau Poakalani Quilt Exhibit.  So beautiful.  Whales and Fishes.  It’s going to be an amazing show. I can’t wait.

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広島県 Hiroshima Prefecture – The Oleander

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Aug 222015

Hiroshima – Oleander

Did you know that John was raised with flowers and blossoms.  His mother as well as her sisters owned and worked at the lei stands at the airport.  John was the plumeria picker, orchid plucker as well as stringer of those beautiful leis.  He always talked about waking up in the early morning to gather the flowers before going to school.  After school he was either making deliveries and/or cleaning the expansive floral gardens of his home.  This is why I believe John has a special connection to flowers and blossoms.  While he was raised with the Hawaiian blossoms his love for foreign blossoms amazes him especially Hiroshima’s designated flower the Oleander.250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_34_Hiroshima_prefecture.svgoleander-flower-classified-under-nerium-genus

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宮崎県 – Miyazaki Prefecture – Spider Lily

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Aug 212015

Hamayu – Miyazaki Prefecture

After much research it was  a nice surprise to find out that sometimes we’re not all that different. For our friends in the Miyazaki Prefecture their designated flower the Hamayu was our Queen Emma’s favorite flower the Spider Lily.


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October 17 – NO CLASS

We will be on Yokohama, Japan for the Na Kupulau O Poakalani quilt exhibit.