Ikumi’s Dove Orchid Hawaiian Quilt

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Oct 162016

ikumiJohn doesn’t design birds because every time he designs a Hawaiian quilt with  birds  the quilter, John likes to say, flies or moves back to the mainland.  So no birds and no leaving but he designs orchids even dove orchids breaking that kapu.  Congratulations Ikumi for a beautiful quilt.  I hope you quilt with us for a very long time. Designed by John Serrao

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Quilted Lei

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Oct 122016

Most Hawaiian Quilts have center Medallions but every once in while some quilts are designed with only a lei/border missing that center piece.  Still Beautiful, just a different style.  Enjoy Kimi’s amazing Kalo quilt. The Kalo is our Taro plant which we make Poi. Yokohama Quilt Exhibit 2015.  Designed by John Serrao. Personal Design, Private Collection

Phytophthora leaf blight of taro (Colocasia esculenta) (14813068962).jpg

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Apple Blossoms

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Oct 122016

The Apple Blossoms. A favorite flower worldwide especially in Aomori where it produces over 50% of the apple market in Japan. Designed by John Serrao  45″ x 45″amoriappleblossoms

File:Apple blossoms-12.JPG


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JS7045 – Malie O Koolau – The Peace of the Koolau’s

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Oct 092016


The Pali Lookout gives you an amazing view of the Koolau Mountains on the Windward Side. Below these mountains Hoomaluhia Gardens with its variety of floral beauties of the Monsterra, Heleconia, Torch Ginger and Hibiscus is a great place to find calming peace. 90″x 90″ – Queen/Full Size Designed by John Serrao

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The 50 States and DC….45″ x 45″ Patterns

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Oct 072016
Aloha….  I know it’s been awhile since I wrote on my actual website instead of my Facebook but I have some really amazing patterns to post and share with all of you.  We’ve been busy as you can tell by our Facebook but not to busy to introduce new designs in the coming months. Amazing John has made new designs for each State in the Union but instead of the 22″ x 22″ size these are the 45″ x 45″. Great for Wall hangings.  I’ll also be sharing with you some larger quilt designs.


Alabama was settled in 1702 and officially became a state on Dec. 14, 1819.The Camellia is the state’s designated flower.

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No Class July 16. Sorry I hate when this happens.

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Jul 112016

No Class July 16.  Everyone please mark you calendars.  We will return on July 23.  Yes, I’m sad too but until then enjoy this amazing wall hanging quilted by awesome Susan.  The Dogwood. susan


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NO Class June 11 Kamehameha Day

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Jun 082016

No Class June 11th – It’s Kamehameha Day.  Classes Resume on June 18th and don’t forget it’s  our Summer Potluck bring a dish and let’s enjoy.  Class to 11:00am – and then lunch.

King Kamehameha Statue

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G7 Craftswomen Symposium 2016 Tokyo, Japan

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May 242016


So honored and humbled to be chosen to represent the USA at the Crafts Women Symposium in Tokyo, Japan.  I had an amazing time and so was excited to be among such beautiful and talented women.  Please click on the photo for a link about the Symposium and be amazed.

The G7 Craftswomen – Giovanna Gentili and Alessia Stendardo -Bag Makers from Italy, Sibille Kotte-Glassware from Germany, Amelie Viaene-Jewel Maker from France, Natalie Austin-Jewelry Designer from Canada, Kumiko Machida and Tomoko Fujii from Japan, Kathryn Sargent-Tailor from the United Kingdom(On-Line).

Thank you to METI, JETRO, Google, The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, YouTube Space and the people of Japan

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NO Class April 16…

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Apr 152016
Tumble Weed

Tumble Weed… for our Nevada Family

Aloha Quilting Family and Friends.  Just a short note.  No class April 16.  The room is being used by the palace so we’ll be back to class on April 23.

… and because we have a day off….22 quilters will be “Painting With A Twist”.  Something different other than quilting.  It should be fun.

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Quilting Class Change of Venue 03-12-16

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Mar 112016

OHonolulu Festivalne more day until our Quilt Exhibit at the Honolulu Festival.  Our regular quilting class will change from the Iolani Place to the Honolulu Festival Poakalani Exhibit Area from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  Hope you can make it.  Parking is $10.00 for the Festival so park at the Ala Moana Center and walk over.  Hope to see all of you there.   Mahalo

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The Golden-Ray Lily of Kanagawa – 神奈川県

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Feb 072016

kanagatagoldenfulthumb250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_14_Kanagawa_prefecture.svg Golden-Rayed-Lily-004My heart belongs to the people of Kanagawa. An area steeped in tradition,where history was made and many of my friends and family reside.  The Golden-Rayed Lily for everyone who makes their home in Kanagawa.  Designed by John Serrao

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Yamagata Prefecture – 山形県

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Feb 062016

250px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_06_Yamagata_prefecture.svgYamagata Prefecture known mostly for its cherries and pears and all fruits sweet and delicious.  For our friends in Yamagata, your prefecture flower the safflower. Designed by John Serrao

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福井県 – Narcissus of Fukui Prefecture

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Feb 032016


The Fukui Prefecture where Dinosaurs once roamed but today where the Narcissus blooms throughout the region. For all our friends in Fukui. What a beautiful home you have.

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宮城県 – Miyagi’s Bush Clover

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Jan 042016

The Miyagi prefecture is considered one of the three most scenic views of Japan and the Bush Clover is their chosen prefecture flower.  This quilt was designed for the people of Miyagi.

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愛媛県 – Ehime ‘s Satsuma Mandarin

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Jan 022016






Located on the island of Shikoku, Ehime Prefecture is another of Japan’s popular tourist destination.  It is also the leading producers of mandarin oranges.  A design of mandarin oranges for our friends of Ehime.

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No Class Schedule – Please Read Updated 05-27-2

May 15, 2017May 15, 2017
No Class June 10 - Kamehameha Day No Class July 15 - Prince Lot Hula Festival No Class August 5 - Ahahui Hawaii' Aloha Aina

Building Renovation Kanaina Building – Update May, 2017

February 19, 2017February 19, 2017
Aloha Everyone, We were all  aware that the Kanaina Building was scheduled for renovations a year ago.  We are now getting closer to the renovation date so we will be on a week to week notice for the quilting classes.  Please keep checking weekly for an updated status.  We will be at the Iolani Palace  through the month of June but haven't gotten any update for the month of July.  We have found a temporary home at the Bishop Museum when the renovations begin and will let you know when the time gets closer.. Thank you for your patience.   Cissy