Echo Quilting


Quilting Hands Quilting Hands Quilting Hands Quilting Hands Quilting Hands



  They have a Hawaiian song called, “Lovely Hula Hands,” but I believe a quilters hands are far more beautiful. 


Echo quilting is why Hawaiian Quilting stands apart from all other types of quilting. Like ripples on a pond the quilting lines flows from its center outward to the edges of the quilt.   






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Building Renovation Kanaina Building – Update May, 2017

February 19, 2017
Aloha Everyone, We were all  aware that the Kanaina Building was scheduled for renovations a year ago.  We are now getting closer to the renovation date so we will be on a week to week notice for the quilting classes.  Please keep checking weekly for an updated status.  We will be at the Iolani Palace  through the month of December but haven't gotten any update for the month of January or February.  We have found a temporary home at the Bishop Museum when the renovations begin and will let you know when the time gets closer.. Thank you for your patience.   Cissy