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Under The Rose Bush

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May 172020
Lokelani – Roses flourish in Hawaii’s climate. Year round the colorful rose blossoms graces the yards of many Hawaiian homes. Click on the design for your pattern. Enjoy.

I love roses not just for their beautiful blossoms and fragrant scent but for the memory that comes to mind of my mom Poakalani and the Rose Bush story she often told us.

Poakalani was raised by her grandmother Caroline Correa, a master quilter during her time, and she would often tell us many stories of what she called her “hanna buttah” (childhood) days. One story she often told us was that she never learned how to crawl. She went from being carried everywhere by her family to walking because of being born with only one hand. But the one story that my mom often told and will forever live in my memory of when she asked her Grandmother where she came from and her grandmother told her they found her under the Rose bush in the front yard. Many a babies where found under that Rose bush in the front yard.

This pattern was designed by John inspired by that rose bush story. Mom and Dad I miss you and dad Happy heavenly birthday (May 14th).

Poakalani & John Serrao

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Friendship Fruit

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May 082020
Hala Kahiki known worldwide as a symbol of friendship. Click on the photo for your pattern.

We have available a large selection of cushion patterns in our quilting classes and we try to encourage our students to choose patterns that symbolizes the culture and history of Hawaii. We’ll go through many designs such as the Ulu(Breadfruit), Ti Leaf, Kukui Nut, Mokihana, Ginger, Monsterra and even Sea Life designs but many of the quilters tend to choose the Pineapple pattern. The pattern is not only easy to applique and quilt but it also symbolizes friendship, and the friendship of friends and family formed in our quilting classes is one of reasons the quilters return every week for classes.

I am blessed and I give thanks every day on how lucky I am to see my quilting family every Saturday at our quilting classes. We may all not be related by blood but we’re all related by our quilting spirit of aloha.

Our classes are gatherings of sharing and encouragement and sometimes a place to just get away. We always hope that when the classes end everyone goes home feeling better not only about their quilting ability but also themselves.

Thank you to all the Poakalani quilters who comes to class every week to share themselves and their quilts with others. It’s all of you who makes our classes special and unique. We miss all of you and hope to get back to the classes soon. Enjoy this weeks pattern.

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Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes Canceled Until Further Notice

January 20, 2020
For the safety and health of our quilting family the Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes have been canceled until further notice.  It was an easy decision for both of us because we want all of you healthy when we return when all of this is over.  If any of you need anything and I mean anything please give us a call 223-1108.  In the meantime please also stay safe, wash your hands, don't touch your face and pray this will be over soon.  All of you are in our daily prayers.      Tuffy & Cissy