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Mar 282020
The Ulu-Breadfruit Design 22″ x 22″. Over 20 years ago John designed a series of circular cushion patterns. It was series of designs that represented our spiritual center. Over the next few weeks I’d like to share these designs with you. Please click on the picture for your pattern.

It’s been two weeks since our last class and Tuffy and I are hoping everyone and their families are home safe and healthy. Yes, we would rather be at quilting classes but until the Covid-19 situation gets better classes are on hiatus. So today we leave you with this memory of our mom Poakalani who started the quilting classes. She was amazing and it was during times like this that her quilting became more meditative and prayerful. Every applique stitch and every quilting stitch became an affirmation or prayer to God for healing and hope.

So when you applique or quilt today today or at anytime… with every stitch you make in your mind send a prayer request to the heavens. Ask God or your spiritual guide to…

Heal the world and its people

Keep us safe and make us strong
Give us hope that this will end soon
Pray for those who are currently ill

Pray for those who are now home with you
Pray for those who are mourning the lost of their loved ones

Pray for our first responders and their families
Pray for our world leaders that they do what is right

….and the list goes one. Again lets be prayerful and meditative while we quilt during this time. Quilting is an amazing tool to center us and gather our thoughts.

Until next time everyone please stay home and be safe and for any reason if you need anything or help please call Tuffy or myself at (808) 524-0394

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Mar 212020

Just a Reminder class is cancelled until further notice. Everyone please have a care. We will miss the weekly classes but this will pass and we will return to our daily lives. We want everyone to be safe and healthy when we return. If any of you need anything please call or text me at 808-223-1108.

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Mar 152020
Our Poakalani Quilting Family. March 7, 2020

It was an beautiful day even the sun decided to shine on us. For just a few hours we forgot about the worlds concerns and just enjoyed each others company and celebrated everyone’s accomplishment for the past year. Many of the quilts didn’t make it to Honolulu because of the cancellation of the Festival but hopefully next year and some of the quilts made it to the show but not the quilters, Ah Well! I’ve posted some of the quilts. The photo’s are not the best but remember it was a show and tell. Thank you to the quilters. All of you are awesome, pat yourself on the back for a your amazing quilts. It would have been one of our best quilt shows. If I missed your quilt it was not intentional. Some photo’s just didn’t come out clear. Love you All. Enjoy

Hana Yoko’s Hokulea tell the story of Hokulea’s voyage around the world. The Hokulea and it’s crew visited 150 ports and 18 nations 2013-2019.
Hiromi’s Lau’ae a scented leaf found throughout Hawaii. This is Hiromi’s first 45″ x 45″ quilt.
Anne Marie’s Tree Skirt. Yes I know some of the ladies are hiding behind their beautiful quilts. Ah! Well!
Amy’s Twin Size Bed Quilt. Bird of Paradise and Heleconia. This is Amy’s first large Quilt. So Beautiful.
Jeanie’ s 45″ x 45″ Monsterra Quilt. Jeanie’s on the Right and our amazing Rie is on the left. She helped to hold up all the quilts.
Another Quilt by Anne-Marie. The Monsterra a popular design in Hawaiian Quilting
Emiko’s 60″ x 90″ Kukui Nut Quilt.
Kiko’s Angels Trumpet. Wow!

Another Pat Masterpiece. Remember she also does commissioned quilts. so if you’re interested in a quilt made in Hawaii please contact her at

Yuki’s Quilts Made it to Hawaii but not Yuki. The Quilts are Beautiful. Anthurium and Orchid.
Tomoko(far right) and her Hawaiian Helmet Series. Only 1 more to go and the series will be complete. Hopefully all will be displayed next year. Rie on the left with Ralph at the center. My ladders 🙂 (Quilt holders)
Our amazing Peggy and her Na Koa quilt. Telling the story of Hawaii’s warriors. The colors and design makes this a really beautiful quilt.
Amy’s first Hawaiian quilt. The Rose.
Junko’is one of my Favorite quilters. Quiet, kind-hearted and an amazing quilter.
Another beautiful Quilt by Pat. Ginger and Lau’ae. Thanks to Ralph for being our quilt stand.
Gordon’s Ginger Quilter. I really wish you could see the stitches on this quilt. Expert stitching.
Kathy’s Ti Leaf. Thank you for sending this quilt and Hana’s Hokulea’s quilt for the show. Sorry you couldn’t make it here. See you in December.
Lynette’s Banana Quilt. Too Cute it makes me smile.
Naomi’s Cherry Blossoms. Loving the colors and enjoying the design.
Susan’s Ti Leaf Quilt. How beautiful is this!
Barbara’s Ti Leaf Quilt. Barbara has been with Poakalani for over 25 years. How fast the time goes by but she’s still making beautiful quilts.
Takako’s Petroglyph Quilts.
Judy’s Pinepple’s Loving the Fabric.
Pat’s Sea Grapes Designed and Quilted by Pat Gorelangton.
Kaori’s Rose quilt. Kaori has been with us since Queen Emma Summer Palace that’s almost 20 years ago. She’s amazing.
Judy’s Turtles. How cute is this.
Colleens quilt was going to be placed on one of our quilting stands. This quilt is called body and soul. The Kukui Nut representing the healing of the soul and the Ulu representing the healing of the body. I can’t wait to see it complete.
Yuko’s Quilts for her twin grandson and granddaughter. So beautiful and amazing. It’s probably being mailed to the twins right now.
What happens when you have knee surgery. You make cushion quilts. Beautiful Linda!
Mie’s Loulu Palm. Another quilt that was supposed to be placed on one of our quilting stands. When this quilt is complete it’s going to be a “WOW” Quilt.
Lynette’s Chrysanthemum Quilt. Amazing design, Amazing color, Amazing Lynette.
What to do with scrap fabric? Make smaller samplers squares. Awesome Pat.
Susan’s King Size Monsterra. It has matching pillow shams but we couldn’t get all of it in the picture. Isn’t this an amazing quilt.
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Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes Canceled Until Further Notice

January 20, 2020
For the safety and health of our quilting family the Poakalani Hawaiian Quilting Classes have been canceled until further notice.  It was an easy decision for both of us because we want all of you healthy when we return when all of this is over.  If any of you need anything and I mean anything please give us a call 223-1108.  In the meantime please also stay safe, wash your hands, don't touch your face and pray this will be over soon.  All of you are in our daily prayers.      Tuffy & Cissy